3 Child Development Benefits From Summer Camp

Because of employment obligations, you are not able to accompany your shoulder during their summer break and this makes you feel stressed. You want your son or daughter to have one of the best summers ever but in a safe and secure manner.

For this reason, more and more parents are sending their children to summer camps where they can learn some responsibility and independence, keep busy, and make lots of new friends. Below are ways your child will benefit from attending a summer camp and reasons why this option should be considered.

1. Helps in social & emotional development

The education system has put a lot of pressure on children. Homework, school projects, and the need to occasionally catch up with class work when needed leaves little room for play. Unlike the past where children would spend most time outdoors playing games and riding bikes, these days they are constantly on their computers, smartphones, and watching television.

Summer camp provides a chance for your children to be children. Most camps prohibit the use of gadgets and instead will be too busy interacting with their peers, swimming, taking hikes, and playing sports and games. By sending your child to summer camp he/she is guaranteed a busy, fun-filled time where lots of new friends will be made.

2. They gain independence

The world can seem like a scary place sometimes with the media dominated by stories that often include the mistreatment and abuse of others. As a result, you are overprotective of your son/daughter at times and this is understandable. However, as they grow older you need to learn how to let go sometimes and let them have their independence, as difficult as this may be.

Summer camp provides an opportunity for parents to let go of their child and allow him/her to gain more independence. At camp, your child will be able to spend time with peer-aged children and participate in various activities. While your child will be appropriately supervised, the fact that you will not be there will give them a feeling of independence and demonstrate that he/she can fend for himself/herself.

Your child will be responsible for keeping their living quarters in acceptable condition and attending the mess hall for meal times, giving them a certain degree of responsibility previously unexperienced.

3. Brings out their daring & adventurous side

Chances are your child has been sheltered up to this point of his/her life and this is understandable. While this arrangement works for you and gives you peace of mind, you still want your child to get out there and experience new things in a safe manner.

Summer camp will provide your child with an opportunity to bring out his/her daring and adventurous side, allowing him/her to do things he/she did not imagine were possible. At summer camp your child may learn to climb a tree, make their own fire in the wild, and learn basic life skills. There have been many cases of children who were apprehensive of going to summer camp, but when they return they are able to continue new hobbies and put learned skills to good use.

Summer camps also provide the opportunity to participate in activities that your child may not enjoy due to where you live. For example, if you reside in a large, busy metropolis, your child is able to swim in lakes and streams, kayak and canoe, and take long excursions through forests that may include setting up tents and building fires. Summer camps definitely allow your child to make memories he/she will take with them for the rest of his/her life.