3 Ways Underground Mining Technology Has Evolved

Mining can be a risky undertaking in which there can be fatalities and severe injuries. However, modern technology has helped to make things go much smoother and as technology is always evolving, things can only get better. Technology helps the whole mining process to run more efficiently at every stage, both above ground and underground.

More mining companies are beginning to embrace innovation which helps to keep workers safer. Let’s take a closer look at how technology has become such a game-changer in the mining industry.

1. Mobile Technology

In the old days, it could be difficult to send messages to workers. Workers also could not relay important information to the manager or foreman. This not only was a problem in terms of productivity but safety as well. For example, if there was a problem in the mine, it was difficult to convey the message to the people above who were responsible for making the decisions.

Nowadays, thanks to mobile underground mining technology, staying in touch with workers or decision-makers is so much easier. Apart from this, an important benefit of mobile technology is geofencing. This enables a manager to configure a worker’s mobile device so that they can receive an alert when going into a perilous zone. This can save lives and protect workers.

2. Decisions Driven By Data

Mining companies rely and thrive on data. It is imperative as lives may be at stake. Such data can determine if workers are at risk and it can also ensure the speed and ease of operations. In a modern mine, virtually all devices used can be described as “smart”. These devices are always sending information on things such as temperature, concentration of gases, water pressure and other vital information.

With such important information at their fingertips constantly, managers and other decision-makers can take immediate action to enhance the operation’s sustainability as well as improve and increase safety and efficiency. Mines also use a lot of electricity. Using smart devices and other methods, it is now possible to safely gauge electricity requirements and in this way, save some money as well.

3. Use Of Cloud Technology

Thanks to cloud technology, field workers and management can immediately access or edit vital information. Workers and management are always on the go and the old ways just don’t work anymore. Now, whenever or wherever there is a need to access or change information, cloud technology has become an invaluable resource. The rapid increase in numbers of mobile technology in the mining industry has made such a huge impact in the way operations are now run.

The future will have even more technological advancement and capabilities which will be a good thing for the mining industry. There will be occasions when time is of the essence and decisions and actions will have to be taken immediately, or it can cause huge losses both financially or sometimes in lives as well. One can expect that mining will be more sustainable.

Mining companies can use data technology and reduce any negative effects of mining in communities or the ecosystem in the immediate area. The great strides in technology have made a huge and positive impact on the mining industry and in the future, one can expect even more significant developments.