4 Benefits of Upgrading Your Office Printer

Many offices, and businesses alike, forget about upgrading their office printer. However, this is an important piece of technology, that should not be overlooked. The printer is a machine that’s used daily, and frequently. Not only can an upgraded printer increase productivity, but it can drastically cut down on energy use, technicians, and stress.

That’s why we’ve listed 4 reasons to prove that upgrading your office printer should be a priority.

1. Quality

Introducing a newer printer, is a quick way to improve the quality of printed material. If your branded items have been looking dull, and outdated, your printer may be to blame. Simply compare your printed material the digital versions of the file. If your logo, or text appear dull and unfocused you may need to consider an upgrade.

You may be surprised to learn the advancement many colour printers on the market have made. Depending on the model, some printers perform just as well as specialty print shops. Ultimately, saving your company money on outsource costs. As more of the printing, can be done in house.

2. Lower Long-Term Costs

The initial price of a new piece of technology is steep. But, the printer is an everyday, essential item that an office needs to run efficiently. Therefore, upgrading this bit of technology, can assist in lowering long-term costs associated with frequently used items. Some of these costs include repair technicians, maintenance, ink, paper, and utilities.

3. Productivity

Replacing your printer to a new, high efficiency model, can result in shorter wait-times on printed items. This means, your workers can stop fighting with an inefficient machine, and spend more of their day focused. An upgraded printer is also less likely to break down. With newer technology, and less wear and tear on the upgrade your employees won’t have to wait around for a technician anymore.

Secondly, many newer models, are multi- functional. Depending on the brand, a single machine may be able to replace other pieces of bulky and inefficient technology. Newer models oftentimes combine copiers, network printers, scanners, and fax machines into one. Saving workers time, and energy for their projects.

4. Security

With the amount of security breaches and data hacks reported on the news these days, it is important that your company isn’t next. To do this, it is imperative that you don’t leave your printer un protected. With thousands of valuable documents being passed through it each day, you’ll want to ensure your printer is not at risk of being hacked. Many new printer models come equipped with security features. These features will automatically block unauthorized users attempting to gain access.

Secondly, many now come with an activity monitor. This feature can be used to keep an eye on employees, and departments, to see if someone is over using, to limit their print abilities.

Finally, newer models, have features that allow you to encrypt data from the hard drive, which will prevent it from being stolen.