4 Fire Alarm Tips for Businesses

Whether you are looking to install a fire alarm system for a home or business, obviously the principle goal of any fire alarm system is to evacuate people from an area in the event of a fire but this is not as straight-forward as it seems.

There are many different fire alarm systems on the market that range from basic battery-operated ones to mass notification systems for bigger buildings. With the advances of technology over the years, wireless fire alarms systems have become extremely popular and more and more people are having them installed. Below are some advantages of wireless fire alarm systems and reasons why installing them would be beneficial.

1. No wires

You want your fire alarm to be able to alert occupants to the presence of a fire first and foremost, but you do not want to sacrifice the appearance of your home or business either. Some fire alarm systems that are more complex will have a lot of wiring running from the alarm to the central panel. This means you will either have wires running in plain view that will be unsightly or you will have to make alterations to walls and ceilings to run the wiring through. With wireless fire alarms, this is not required. Instead, radio signals are transmitted from the alarms to a central control panel. The only wiring required will be the control panel that is wired into a building’s main power grid.

2. Flexible

If you own a home or business, you want to maximize the amount of area that your fire alarm system covers to protect occupants, property, and the structure itself. Wireless fire alarms meet this need perfectly as they are not restricted by wires that prevent them from being installed in certain areas. As long as the alarms are within range of transmitters responsible for sending signals to the central panel, they can be installed anywhere. If you are renovating or just re-arranging your area, the fire alarms can easily be removed and installed in a different desired area in a short period of time, ensuring you are still protected while changes are occurring. This will allow you to minimize disruption to your home life or daily business operations.

3. Cost-effective

While wireless fire alarms systems may be more to purchase than traditional alarms, they will definitely save you money in the long run. If you decide to install a wireless system yourself, you can save on labour and installation costs that would be spent on hiring a professional. If you do hire a professional, which is recommended to guarantee that you are set up with the coverage that you need and the central panel is installed correctly, wireless systems do not take as long as traditional fire alarm systems to install. A lot of time is saved because wires do not have to be connected and run through walls and ceilings. The biggest part of installation is hardwiring the control panel into the main power source. If you want to expand your coverage with additional alarms, they can easily be added to your network without contacting a professional company which will also save you costs.

4. Mobility

Installing a wireless fire alarm system allows a certain degree of convenience for a home or business owner. In the event that the alarm is triggered, alerts can be send through an application to smartphones and tablets, giving the user the ability to contact the fire department to attend. This is especially beneficial to homeowners who may be away from their house for extended periods or for business owners who choose to be alerted to incidents outside of business hours.