4 Guidelines to Using Document Scanning Services

The world is going digital, and people and companies are starting to transfer their paper files into digital formats too. Luckily, there are companies that offer document scanning services that can help you through the process.

1. Advantages of document scanning

Free up space. Once you’ve had your documents scanned, you can either destroy the paper copy or file them out of the way, which will leave you with some extra room to breathe.

Competitive advantage. You can’t remain on top without digitizing your company today. It is quicker and more efficient. Scanning your documents isn’t just throwing your documents on a computer, but it also keeps them better organized and makes them more easily accessible.

Your files are safe. When digital, it is much easier to duplicate and back up your documents. Instead of keeping only paper copies which could be easily destroyed if anything happened to the building they are in, like a fire or a flood.

Flexibility. Scanning all of your files means that employees will be more easily able to access files remotely and work off-site.

2. Why use a document scanning service?

Less stress. Document scanning services are there to take off of your shoulders the herculean task of scanning and organizing all of your documents. They will take care of everything, and you won’t have to worry about any of it.

Better software and technology. As this is what they do, document scanning services have more advanced technology and software available that will make scanning your documents more accurate and much easier.

Options. A document scanning service can offer you different options and suggest which files you may or may not want to scan. It really isn’t just plopping everything into a server, there are ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your document scanning experience.

Preserve Employee Time. If you were to have an employee take on this task, it could eat up a lot of time that they could be spending accomplishing other more important tasks.

3. Cost expectations

You can expect to pay around 7-12 cents per page, however most document scanning services will offer you a free quote before getting started. The price will also vary depending on if you are in need of any additional special features. Price increases will also occur for double-sided versus single-sided printing, and for jobs that require additional preparation work before the scanning can take place.

4. Things to think about

Number of pages. Prices are normally based on cents per page, so you should have an idea of what kind of job the document scanning service is looking at. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to count each individual page. You can get an approximate number by filling a standard filing box. One box is equal to approximately 2,700 pages.

Single or double-sided. Does anything need to be done before starting? This could mean organizing of documents, removing staples and clips, organizing documents in the right direction. Using the formula from before, if you have a standard filing box full of double-sided documents, you’re looking at 5,400 pages instead of the original 2,700.

Document preparation before starting. Documents must be in order, all facing the right way and without anything binding them together, like staples and clips. If everything is stapled together, this could take a bunch of extra prep work before scanning can even start.

Nowadays, it is impossible to keep your company competitive, organized and efficient without digitizing your documents, and document scanning services can help you get there more easily with less stress and in less time.