4 Marketing Benefits of a Good PR Campaign

If your company has been working hard to launch a new product, you need to get the word out. You have a good feeling about this new product and believe it will really take off. Perhaps your company is the first to come up with the concept, which will make you a leader in the field.

You hope to launch soon and drive sales, which isn’t always easy. A good PR strategy can be a hell of a start. You could be solving the problems of many people. Let’s look at some of the ways PR can play an important role.

1. Trust & Credibility

A PR agency can help a company to gain trust and credibility, something that can be scarce today, and this can help to increase sales. Gaining a good reputation is powerful when word of mouth is favourable. People listen and remember and there is nothing as powerful as a recommendation. A clever PR campaign can be a valuable marketing tool to help drive sales. Once trust, faith and credibility is earned, it can begin a snowball effect as the momentum picks up and keeps going in the right direction.

2. Focus On The Problem, Not The Product

A clever PR campaign is one that focuses on a problem and not the product. If your PR team starts focusing on your product, it can appear to be more ‘salesy’. What are the issues and concerns that is troubling customers or people in general? Identifying these issues can help to explain the need for your particular product, one which will help them solve these problems. Once people, and indeed the media as well, can connect or relate to what you’re saying, then they can see why there is a need for your product. Educating them first and then showing them how to solve their worries can be pretty powerful.

3. Present Real Examples

To make a strong impact, the PR team can gather genuine examples of how your particular product has made the difference in people’s lives by solving their problems. This will always make others sit up and take notice. This can sway people towards you, making them come on board. Staying in touch with past clients, getting their feedback and testimonials can be used further for other PR campaigns. Such material and endorsements can also be used on your website and also used in blog posts and social media.

4. PR Team Can Be Advocates Of Your Brand

Getting the word out to the community is of course, a powerful thing. Consumers also use social media, talk to friends and check out reviews. Using social media, a message can spread like wildfire. Those in PR know this and are also adept at using such platforms. A PR team can use social media and involve that community and get them talking constantly. Not only can your PR be advocates of your brand, you can do the same with the social media crowd and have them be advocates as well. If this happens, you’ve won over their loyalty.

With a good PR team in your corner, they can educate the community regarding your product in a credible or compelling way. Leads can be gathered and used in marketing to push these leads down that sales funnel and achieve your most wanted response.