4 Not So Obvious Benefits of Staying Organized

Struggling to motivate yourself to get organized? Here are 4 benefits you’re missing out on by not setting time aside to organize your life.

1. Getting organized stimulates your focus

Being disorganized is exhausting. Even thinking about starting to get organized is exhausting because you get overwhelmed with all the work ahead of you.

When your work area is organized, both physically and on your computer, you become a more flexible and versatile version of yourself. Being organized makes it easier to react to emergency situations and allows you to spend more time being creative instead of playing catch up.

Organization reduces the mental energy you have to spend on basic tasks. You give yourself more time for important work, and you don’t dread sudden changes because you’ll be prepared ahead of time. Organization helps you gain control of your schedule and how you use your energy.

2. Clutter saps your energy

If you want to feel sluggish, sad and unmotivated then being disorganized is the way to go. How is anyone supposed to feel energized about work when they sit down at their desks and face a huge pile of junk? Keeping your desk in disarray reminds you of all the impending work you have, drains your focus and makes it hard to have a productive day.

A 2011 study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute found your ability to concentrate on a task depends on the visual stimuli you have competing for your attention. Having pens, paper and random junk all over your desk interferes with your brain’s ability to process information, especially when you don’t feel like working in the first place. Getting your work area organized helps you focus your brainpower and makes staying disciplined easier.

3. Organization is good for your health

Working and living in clean and organized environments is excellent for your mental and physical health.

Regularly feeling worried and out of control is a symptom of disorganization. Procrastination, playing catch up and other effects of disorder make it hard to feel motivated and can even contribute to bouts of depression. Disorganization has a subtle effect on your mental health that compounds over time.

Getting organized is a tactic for taking control of how you spend your time. The more in control you feel about your life, the more satisfaction you’re going to get on a daily basis. It might seem tedious at first but organizing your life allows you to be more flexible and rids you of feelings of uncertainty.

4. Getting organized shapes your image

In our society, your image is everything. Imagine a scatterbrained person with a messy desk and no sense of prioritizing. Even if you like them personally, you’re not going to be excited to work with them or feel confident in them as a team member.

The best way to show your competence in your job is through your appearance. Is your desk messy? Do you consistently double book appointments? Is your calendar a reliable gauge of what you have to get done? Your ability to stick to basic organization principles says a lot about you as an employee.

Is there any benefit to hiring a professional organizer?

Getting your office professionally cleaned and organized is a strategic move most business owners fail to put in practice. A professional organizer will coach you into identifying your needs for your office space, help you get rid of clutter, and promote efficiency in your workspace. Taking advantage of a professional organizer is how you get the benefits in this blog post to resonate throughout your entire office!