5 Interesting Facts About Steel Structures

Many people who do not know much about steel buildings seem to think they are used for certain things in one or two industries. They are also seen as pretty boring, perhaps even ugly. The fact of the matter is, these buildings can be used for many things in many industries. They can also be used as part of a home and in fact, they can even BE a home.

They can come in different shapes and sizes as well as colours and can be made to look attractive. They are very useful buildings with some remarkable facts about them, so let’s have a look at some things you may not know about steel buildings.

1. Very Little Maintenance

Steel buildings require minimal maintenance, which, for someone who is always busy, can be a wonderful feature. Steel is a strong material and lasts for a long time. If you use material such as wood, it can deteriorate much quicker and it would require more maintenance and even then, it could be damaged. Steel is resistant to water and mold.

Unlike other material, if there is a leak, steel can prevent it from spreading, making such problems less severe. Think about this happening to wood. It absorbs moisture, weakening it. It would then be susceptible to mold.

2. Resistant To Fire

You can’t put a price on human life. Steel is fire-resistant and thus, it is safer to use as a building. In the event of a fire, unlike other materials, a fire would burn slower, giving a greater chance of survival. In such a tragic event, time is of the essence. That precious time will allow you and your family to escape, perhaps completely unscathed. Valuables may also be saved because of a slower-burning fire. Fire authorities could be on the scene and control it quickly.

3. Wind Resistant

In strong winds, houses and other buildings are susceptible to damage and even collapse. Steel buildings on the other hand are able to withstand powerful winds much better. Steel can bend without breaking and there is less chance of structural or foundation damage. The chances of a steel building collapsing are greatly reduced when compared to buildings made with conventional methods and materials.

4. Saves Energy

As you now know, steel is very strong and is a durable material. This also means it can support thicker insulation. It can stay warm for longer periods in the winter and cooler in the summer months. The ability to retain heat and cold effectively for longer periods means that you do not have to use your appliances as long, thereby saving energy. You save energy, you save money and your heating and cooling appliances last longer as well, since they do not have to work as hard.

5. Friendlier For The Environment

The construction of other types of buildings uses more energy and there is more waste as well as dangerous emissions. They also use more raw materials. With a steel building, the whole process is less harmful on the environment. Steel is recyclable and therefore, less virgin material needs to be used.

Steel buildings have gained popularity. When you consider these points and look at the big picture, it is easy to understand why.