5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Printer

When you have an office copier and printer, you need them to perform optimally if you want to get the best out of them. Having any issues and problems can slow down your business and eat up valuable time. There comes a point when you have to decide on whether you need to upgrade them, if you have the option to do so. Here are several reasons why you should upgrade copiers and printers because it could cost you if you don’t.

#1. Increased Efficiency And Lowering Cost

An upgrade always has the latest in technology that will help you to manage your documents in a much better way while improving the quality of these printed documents. Take colour printers, for example. These can produce excellent quality results just like you would get if you had outsourced the task to a local print shop.

Not only can you get similar results, you can actually save money by doing it in-house rather than outsourcing. Apart from this, an upgraded machine can print out material with a lower cost per copy. Apart from this, newer machines also use less energy and less toner, so in the long run, you’re saving money this way too.

#2. Minimum Maintenance

When you upgrade your machines, you are in effect replacing outdated and inefficient machines with the latest technology for a more efficient and smoother-functioning machine. This means that it’s unlikely that you’ll have to call for a maintenance technician which translates into less repairs and more money saved.

#3. Multi-Functional Upgrade

You should consider upgrading your printer and copier to a multi-functional model. This can combine scanners, network printers, fax and copiers into one machine. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of single-function machines which can save some valuable space. It also means that you can save on electricity as well as supplies since there is only one machine to consider.

#4. Security Improvement

It seems that every time we turn around, there is some kind of security issue. Unfortunately, it’s the times we live in and it doesn’t appear to be letting up. It’s the new normal. Upgrades today have security in mind. This means that unauthorized use is prevented. The latest machines also use encrypted drives and other data-protecting features including password protection. Some have features that come with memory storage as well as recent usage to show which users are printing too often or printing irrelevant material. This helps you identify the miscreant and have a little “chat” with them!

#5. Increasing Mobility

Your business printer should be able to support the mobile workforce. This is one very important reason for an upgrade, since a lot of the older machines may not be able to do this. It should have a full-featured wireless capability which will allow for secure mobile printing. A multi-functional device connected to an Ethernet allows you to print, scan, fax and copy as well as share resources.

Many small businesses view an upgrade as an unnecessary expense. They don’t want to rock the boat or fix something that isn’t broken. However, an upgrade can not only improve many aspects of the business and offer some benefits, it also offers many new options that weren’t available before. The smarter, more innovative small businesses know what it takes to move their business forward and choose to upgrade.