5 Reasons Why Your In-Store Displays Aren’t Converting Shoppers

In-store displays may seem like they are a simple thing to plan and execute. Once they are up and running, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the sales to come in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go so smoothly and you will need to check on how they’re performing.

It can be tricky to actually figure out why some in-store displays perform better than others due to the sheer number of factors involved. There is the price point, the creative used, seasonal variations and store location to name but a few. To help you to identify what may be causing low performance, here are 5 reasons why your store displays may not be working as well as you thought.

1. There was a delay in shipping to the store

Not all in-store product display companies are created equal. Some will not be able to meet certain deadlines and this can cause your marketing plan to be derailed as a result. In order to ensure that your materials are shipped to the store on schedule, you will need the best packaging products company available, that has a long history of meeting the needs of their customers. Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd is able to deliver on their promises and always exceed the expectations of their clients.

2. Your display was never placed in the store

You can never fully trust that the store employees at every location will completely comply with the corporate level instructions without a little hand-holding or extra motivation. Many will do as directed, but the in-store reality is that some managers and staff may not see the execution of your plan as a priority. Or it could be a simple miscommunication that has led to the store display being left in a back room.

Whatever the reason, there needs to be follow up to make sure that the in-store deployment of the displays has been executed as directed. Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd works hard to make sure that the displays are properly set up and that you get the desired spike in sales that you are expecting

3. Your display is in the wrong place

It is quite possible that the instructions on where the in-store display have been misinterpreted, or that due to the store layout, the placement is not possible. It is also possible that managers at the store level have overridden the corporate policy
and have demoted one product in favour of another.

The team at Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd will do all that they can to ensure that the display is placed in the correct location in the store. This is something that needs to be monitored closely to ensure that the display is not moved by any member of the in-store staff.

4. The display has the wrong product on it

This can sometimes be an easy error to make, especially if there are multiple versions of the same product and the one that you are hoping to promote is in short supply. In order to keep the display full, substitutions could be made. This is far from acceptable and needs to be dealt with at the store level.

5. Additional elements were not included

This is a common error with substandard packaging companies. By choosing Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd, you can be sure that each and every additional element, such as flyers, signage and anything else is included with the shipment, this is to make sure that you see the sales results that you are hoping for.