6 Personal Benefits of Taking Ballet Classes

Dance lessons are a great way to get in touch with your body, keep yourself healthy, and learn a new and valuable lifelong skill. Whether starting out for the first time, or looking to rekindle an old passion, ballet classes are a great way to begin exploring one of the most fascinating and elegant styles of dance in the world.

1. Develop a better understanding of your body

Dancing of all types facilitates a deeper and more appreciative relationship to your body and its capabilities. Ballet, in particular, is about structure and method, encouraging you to come to a better understanding of your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where you feel stronger, how your body builds muscles, and where you are naturally tighter or more flexible, will increase overall health, well-being, and contribute to a higher quality of life.

2. Have strong, lean, and graceful muscles

Speaking of muscles, ballet is one of the most effective way to build strong, elegant muscles. When you look at a ballerina, they are graceful and slender, while possessing a body of pure muscle. The right training will facilitate this kind of transformation; you’ll feel much stronger but won’t have the kind of bulky muscles that other weight-bearing exercise can result in. A long, lean body will also encourage better posture. The graceful presence of a ballet trained dancer trickles into all aspects of your personality and demeanor.

3. Learn to focus on technique

Ballet training begins with the basics. Although it can feel a bit slow off the start, the traditional approach to ballet dancing is all about mastering one technique at a time before adding on another. Breaking down the movement in this way allows you to really focus on what your body is doing and allows you to get the most out of your training regime. The repetition of basic elements will let you appreciate how far you have come as a dancer and you will delight in adding new techniques and stylistic flourishes to your repertoire.

4. Compliment other styles of dance or activity

If you’re thinking about picking up ballet as a complementary activity to another styles of dance or sport, you will be in good company. Many dancers who excel in other disciplines are quick to thank their classical ballet training for giving them the super sharp technique they are praised for.

The expert articulation of the hands and feet that you will learn in ballet classes can provide you with a level of mastery over your body that you might not have thought possible before. There is also a strong emphasis on the placement of the hips and the alignment of the spine, meaning that you will learn a way of moving your body that will always make you stand out in a crowd.

5. Learn to hear the music

Any dance training that uses music will also help you cultivate a much deeper appreciation for rhythm. Ballet music consists of a very complex structure of rhythms and sounds. Training your body to move according to what you’re hearing will help you better understand the elements of music and empower you to use them to enhance your dancing in any style.

6. Brush up on your French

Another peripheral benefit of ballet training is the bonus of learning a little French. Ballet terminology is a beautiful set of words that will teach you both the names of the steps and understand the quality of the movement. Leaning at least part of another language can come in handy more often than you think and will make you feel even better about your decision to take up ballet.