6 Safety Techniques to Ensure a Safe Bike Commute

Riding an e-bike is the latest craze in many busy cities and can be an ideal alternative to car, foot, or public transport. Not only is it more economical but it’s a lot more time and cost effective. However, riding your e-bike in a busy city full of cars desperate to make their commute on time can be daunting and dangerous.

Without being fully aware and taking necessary precautions, you could end up with a serious injury. Take a look below at some tips to help keep your commute safe and smooth.

1. Always Wear a Helmet

Perhaps the simplest yet most important safety tip is to always wear a helmet and protect your head. There is always the small chance that you could get knocked off by a car or be caught up in a collision, and if your head is going to hit the ground or a car windshield, it should be protected.

Choose a helmet with all-round protection to cover all angles. It will also keep you warm in the winter months when the cool breeze is blowing.

2. Get Warning Devices

Your e-bike should be fitted with both a bell and a horn. A bell is to warn pedestrians to move out of your way if they are blocking the bike path, and a horn is ideal for alerting cars or other bikes to danger, such as an impending collision. Using these warning devices can help you keep other road users aware and may prevent accidents.

3. Purchase Additional Lights

Just as cars need lights to alert others of their presence, so do e-bikes. Most fatal bike accidents happen in the darkness of the night and could be prevented by adequate lighting. Don’t rely on reflectors as they don’t always work. Ensure your bike has a white flashing light on the front as well as a red one on the back. The more, the better, so try to have a light attached to your helmet and even additional spoke lights.

Make yourself more visible at night and you significantly lower your chances of being knocked down.

4. Ride on the Correct Road Side

Always ride on the correct side of the road—go with the flow of traffic and not against it. Bike users often worry that they will be hit from behind, but statistics prove riding with traffic is safer than riding against it.

5. Keep Your Tires Inflated

Having properly inflated tires will give you a better range regarding energy, but it will also give you much better control if you need to swerve or move to avoid a potential collision. Also check that your tires aren’t worn down, as bald tires will reduce your grip on the road, making it more likely you’ll slip or skid, especially in wet weather.

6. Use Mirrors

Mirrors for e-bikes are affordable and ideal for moving from lane to lane when needed, as well as for turning corners. The mirror can help you stay aware, not only of what’s ahead, but what’s behind you. New styles of cars are much quieter, especially electric cars, so you may not hear them approaching from behind, making it more likely you’ll move across the road and end up being knocked off by a car you didn’t hear.

An e-bike is a worthwhile investment that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It’ll certainly also reduce the stress of getting stuck in traffic in a car or trying to find parking spaces in busy cities. However, remember to put safety first and keep these tips in mind to ensure your commute is always danger free.