Dress Up For Success: 5 Professional Services of Custom Mascot Companies

Many companies and businesses are using a unique and fun way to generate interest in their company and products. That way is to have speciality companies design and create a custom mascot to help them grow and promote their business. This idea has been used by sports leagues and franchises for many years. Nowadays, custom mascot costumes are being used by companies of all sizes as well as organizations and schools to build school spirit and interest in their activities and events.

1. Professional mascot costume companies

Mascot costume companies can help bring your vision to life. They look after everything from mascot maintenance services to repairs and storage in order to keep your mascot costume looking fresh and new. There are also mascot cooling products that help keep the mascot performers comfortable and in character. They will even help you find a performer or spotter, in case you can’t find one or need someone to fill in and maybe create a custom bobble head to meet any occasion. You can get any character or shape or size that you want and a range of mascot accessories that could range from bouncing pigtails, cowbells, dragon wings or mouths that move and more

2. Custom design and unique creation

When you have a mascot, you want to have a unique creation and design for your company. Custom mascot design companies can meet any particular need or design and will allows or a complete choice of eyes, hands, feet and helmets. The mascot heads are usually carved from a durable, yet lightweight foam and for the ones for sports teams they feature a soft, flexible foam for more maneuverability and less weight. The mascots work by having a helmet and battery-operated fan unit in their head for maximum comfort. The helmets can be either an adjustable hard hat, an adjustable baseball helmet, or a soft foam cap.

3. Design & attention to details

The custom mascot design companies make their mascots and characters with careful attention to every detail and mascots can be easily shipped from the manufacturer anywhere across town or around the world. The mascot accessories are just as varied as the custom mascots as well. They include batons and cowbells and sticks and balls of all shapes and sizes. You can also purchase additional advertising and marketing products that might include cups, pencils, pens, puzzles, stickers, coloring books and crayons that can be customized for any company or brand.

4. Custom mascot props

A custom mascot prop can be best described as a free-standing object or structure that is sculpted in some manner. The custom mascot producers can create custom props and stationary stage pieces including display pieces that can be either desk top to up to six feet in length or even taller. These could be stationery stage pieces that can be used to display pieces mainly indoors. Or they could be a replica of their characters in a full-size statue-like version that can be placed in the lobby of a building. These props are usually carved from a type of foam and then covered with a variety of fabrics and paints or specialty finishes.

5. Custom plush

Custom plush toys based on the mascot are another great way to extend interest and buzz around a company or brand. You can get anything from a small 3.5″ plush to a life size replica of the custom mascot that can be used to promote your character to your clients and the public. One favourite option today are plush back packs that put your mascot on the back of any size soft back pack. This means your brand name is literally walking around and advertising for you like a walking bill board for your organization.