Google Education: The Internet Devalues Knowledge Of Teachers And Professors

In an attempt to characterize the beginnings of the 21st century in terms of the relationship between technology and education, it is quite right to say that the screens of smart devices bend the spine of the students and staff that produce higher educational institutions.

Students can find anything they need on Google. They can find every kind of projects for a certain amount of cost. It is sad to see how these generations seek everything on internet. They search copied, filtered and simplified information in order to get high grades. The interesting thing is that with all that available and with all that on their hand, students still manage to fail in exams and even drop from college.

We live in a time where students learn from anything, but from teachers. They learn from Google, previous exams and from older students telling them what to study. They don’t go in library, they don’t listen to the professor much, they don’t use books anymore and they are barely in touch with the education.

It seems that students search everywhere for information and material, except from teachers. In fact they barely visit the classroom and lectures. That should definitely change, because children should not communicate with virtual world, but with people.