Finland’s Plan to Improve Education in the Next 100 Years

Within the centenary of independence, Finland created a project that wants to share with other countries. With this project the educational system should become perfect for every country.

The initiative began in 2015 when the program called schools and teachers to share their ideas for an experiment that will be organized in schools across the state within one year. There were over 700 schools signed up. From them only the most appropriate were selected for the trial period. Everything was rigorously documented, tested from the platform “HundrED”, and educators could access these documents at any moment.

“HundrED” project supports the process of restructuring the curriculum in Finland and entitles teachers to be a catalyst for change in the school.

The man who was behind the project is Saku Tauominen and he is the one managing the platform in the last three years. He has 25 years of experience in education and explains his vision: “Our goal is to become experts in the world to know what works in the educational world and what ideas can spread.”

He says he does not lack innovation in this sector, but lack the way in which these ideas could be presented and sold to be accessible to all and to expand.

“We wanted every teacher in the world, whether it’s from Manchester, Bangladesh, San Francisco or Singapore, to grasp our idea and be made it available to all the best educational materials. The aim is to recognize innovation, “said Saku.

Many experts believe that the Finnish education system is the best in the world.

What is HundrED? Kate Robinson | HundrED