5 Advice for Your First Ballet Barre Class

In the past few years, the focus on health and fitness has been increasing at a great rate. The interesting thing to note is that people are now trying out different and new kinds of exercises to maintain their healthy lifestyles. Being healthy no longer means going to the gym for two hours every day and sweating it out. From water yoga to dance, people are now bringing together their interests and their need to stay healthy, which is resulting in newer ways of staying fit.

One of those so-called new ways of exercising is through ballet barre. And now with the readily available portable ballet barres, and a host of videos available online teaching exercises using the ballet barres, many people have started turning their own home into their workout studios.

If you are thinking about investing in a ballet barre, and plan on using it to exercise and stay healthy, we have some important information to share with you. Since it is still a relatively new form of exercise, there might be a few things you may be unaware about when it comes to exercising in this form. Below, we list some of the things you should expect during your first exercise session using the ballet barre.

1. Small movements

If you are someone who does cardio in the gym or heavy weight training, you are in for something else. Train your mind into remembering that you will be doing small movements through the exercise session. You will be amazed at how much you can activate the right muscles and focus on them. Many people are disheartened after their first session because they think they hardly did any exercise. Learn to give it time and you will soon be amazed by the results.

2. Patience

With everything new comes a learning curve and it is important for you to be patient during the initial days. The movement may look too small to make a difference, the exercises may look too difficult to follow, but all you really need to do it keep at it. Soon everything will click, you will soon start feeling the impact of those tiny movements and see the benefits too.

3. The tuck

The tuck is probably the most used word when it comes to exercising using this new way. The best way to prepare for your first session is to start with watching some videos of tucking. So when the time comes to do a tuck while exercising, you will know exactly what needs to be done. Again, be patient and keep practicing till you think you have got it.

4. The muscle shake

More often than not, during the first session, and most sessions after that, you will come to a point in the workout where your leg muscles shake uncontrollably. Do not get worried. In fact, get the opposite of worried. The shaking only means that you have been doing the exercises correctly, activating the muscles in the most effective way. Many people say to embrace the shake when it comes to exercising using this form, and that is all you also need to do.

5. The clothes

Make sure you are wearing tight yet comfortable clothes such as yoga pants and tops. This will make sure that your body is not losing the heat it generates during the workout. This will result in more sweating, meaning better results for you. The tight clothing will also make sure that you can keep an eye on your postures and be sure that you are doing the things in the right way.

With the above five things known, you will be ready to not only embrace the new form of working out, but will soon be excelling at it too.