5 Beginner Guidelines to Using Field Service Software

Communication is important in every workplace when all of your team is spread out over great distances with some on the office and some on the road and in other locations, you will need to have a process in place for field service management.

Investing in a field service management solution will have an immediate and positive impact on your business. Tasks that used to be manual and time-consuming like routing, scheduling, dispatching, servicing, and invoicing can now all be automated and error free. The big question is, how do you use the right field service management software solutions?

1. Get a handle on the needs of your business needs

By understanding exactly what you need your field service management software to do, you will be able to ensure that the tools that you choose can overcome your current challenges. You should not assume that all field service management software is the same and be ready to ask some questions the ensure that the one that you are considering covers all of your bases.

Another part to this is to ask your team about any challenges that they experience on a day to day basis. This may alert you to some problems that you’re unaware of so that you can be sure to include them in your requirements as you look for a field service management software.

2. Get the features you need (and nothing else)

A lot of the field service management software out there will be very robust and able to handle anything that you can throw at them, but do you need everything? You may find that there are different levels of complexity and services available. By identifying what you need, and what you don’t you may find that you can get a much more favourable price point.

3. Monitor the changes

It is important to remember; every field service management software application will have its own strengths and weaknesses. This is why when you come to implement the new software that you are working closely with your team to help ensure that the new tool is working as promised. There may be an adjustment period, but you should start to notice an improvement in delivery times, and efficiency of service very soon.

If you don’t see any noticeable improvement you may want to contact the field service management company to see if they can offer any guidance on how you can better use their services.

4. Find out what others are saying

If you are trying to decide if a field service management software provider is right for your business, then you should see who else uses their services. You can simply ask the field service management software provider who they are currently working with so that you can get a sense of the level of client that they are used to handling. You can also check out reviews online and see if anyone has had anything negative to say.

5. Ask about after sales services

There will be an adjustment period when it comes to the implementation of your new field service management software. For this reason, you will need to make sure that the company will provide full training and ongoing support. You will probably have questions further down the line should anything need to be changed or if you have any challenges along the way. It is wise to inquire about this early on, and if there are any additional charges for this level of service.