5 Safety Tips for Your School Gym Equipment

Children need to exercise, but how can they exercise with decades-old fitness gear?After 23 years of trying to maintain and refurbish your school’s broken down gym equipment, and after years of requesting budget funds to purchase new school gym equipment, you have finally moved ahead to replace the physical fitness equipment.But before you order a fleet of new basketball nets, weights, baseballs and wrestling mats, you need to first do your due diligence and determine what is best for your school and your students.

Of course, in this era of bubble-wrapped kids and helicopter parenting, safety must come first.Here are five safety tips for your school gym equipment:

1. Have Staff Try Out All the Equipment First

Prior to submitting the order, it is important that the school or the district have representatives to first see the school gym equipment and really try them out. By doing this, you can understand what will be best for the school as well as the students – and future generations of students.

You must also determine if the equipment will comply with the school board’s guidelines.

2. Create a Training Manual for Students

The school has made a hefty investment in new gym equipment. It is now up to you, the personnel and the students to ensure it has a long lifespan.

One way to achieve this is to produce a training manual for all the students and to instruct each class on how to properly use each piece of equipment, how to correctly store them away and what rules they need to follow if they want to use the new apparatus.

3. Ensure Everything Has Been Put Together Correctly

Do you want to avoid class action lawsuits? Do you want to avoid a rebuke from public officials? It is simple: ensure everything has been put together fittingly in the first place.

Although the company will be in charge of installing the new gym equipment – basketball nets, football poles, weightlifting machines and the like – it is up to you and your team to make sure they have been connected the right way.

Simply put: every nut, bolt and screw needs to be installed appropriately without any hiccups.

4. Your Students Must Wear Proper Gym Uniform

This is an old rule, and one that has been around for sometime. Unfortunately, many students ignore it, and many teachers allow them to ignore it. That said, every student must wear a proper gym uniform that enables them to utilize the new school gym equipment as much as possible.

Indeed, this also includes prohibiting students to wear jewelry, boots or loose-fitting clothes.

5. The School Should Enforce the Rules

No, rules are not made to be broken – no matter how many times a rebellious student says it.

Rules are there for a reason: to ensure the safety of every student. But what good are rules if they are not enforced? They’re no good if every rule is ignored by teachers and broken by pupils.

Moving forward, if you are too lenient about the rules, it is now up to your school to do the opposite: strictly impose the rules. This is important because you want the new school gym equipment to last a long period of time, you want the children to be safe and you want to make the school board happy. It is that simple.

Some may say the best part of any student’s day is gym class. Gym has never been as important as it is today, especially considering how obesity rates are soaring and how Canada is at the top of the list when it comes to overweight or obesity rates in the world. It all starts at school.

Your school gym equipment is there to alleviate this trend of chronic obesity. But the equipment needs to be utilized acceptably by everyone, and it needs to have a lengthy lifespan.

As long as the equipment is installed the right way, the rules are in place and the students are using each tool to the best of their ability then you can be rest assured that everyone in gym class – or during their extracurricular activities – will have a great time.