5 Useful Features of Email Lead Generation Software

Finding new creative ways to connect with cold clients is a common issue faced by many businesses today. In years past, the practice of cold calling was one of the most common ways of reaching new potential clients. Today, however, cold calling has been rendered somewhat ineffective due to changing technologies, such as mobile phones largely replacing landlines. In order to find continued business from a constant stream of new customers, developing a process which exposes a business’s products or services to as many potential buyers as possible is key.

In the modern day, the largest source of untapped customer potential is undoubtedly the internet. The internet provides the unique ability to reach buyers from all over the world nearly instantly, without generating substantial overhead. The trick to tapping into the wealth of potential customers lies in finding a way to effectively connect with them.

Email is one of the most common ways of communicating and doing business on the internet, and most users possess one or more email addresses. Cold contacting through email is an excellent way to expose a business to an increasing number of potential buyers without significant investment.

While writing an email is a relatively simple task, there are several benefits that software can provide to the process. Email lead generation software is tailor made for connecting with cold clients quickly and efficiently through email. Here are just a few notable benefits this type of software provides.

1. Software includes professional templates and customization

Typing out an email may seem simple, but constructing one that is both well-thought-out, and appealing at first sight is a different matter entirely. Email lead generation software provides meticulously designed professional templates in order to help make an email eye-catching to any potential reader.

Occasionally, included templates may not provide the perfect design for a businesses email. In those cases, it’s possible to use a drag-and-drop design editor to customize and design a unique layout to suit any businesses needs.

2. Only reach out to active addresses

Determining whether a list of emails is active and up-to-date is an important step before reaching out. Lead generation software includes tools to monitor and parse through contact lists in order to clean out inactive addresses, and avoid spam traps.

3. Include elements that direct customers to a landing page

Using email lead generation software, it’s easy to customize specific elements within an email to link back to your businesses web-page. Links can be baked into text elements or included images. Elegantly linking back to individual web-pages for specific products or services becomes an easy task.

4. Avoid spam filters and track click-through rates

In order to ensure that an email is seen by those contacted, it’s important to ensure that its anti-spam compliant. Lead generation software is specifically designed to avoid triggering spam filters and comply with good email practices.

Upon embedding links in modified elements, it’s possible to use the software to track click-through rates. By automatically tracking click-through rates, businesses can directly measure which strategies are proving successful, and which strategies require further modification.

5. Introduce automation to the sales process

Reaching out to large quantities of cold contacts is an enormously time-intensive process if done manually. Emailing a single message to a long list of contacts at once shares that contact list with the recipients. It’s possible to avoid sharing the contact list by constructing a unique email for each contact, but that requires a significant time investment and is a tedious process.

Email lead generation software can automatically copy a pitch across multiple outgoing emails, saving a noticeable amount of time in the process. Additionally, the software can regularly update contact lists to ensure that it doesn’t reach out multiple times to a single contact, or fall victim to a spam honeypot.

While these are just a few reasons to consider using email lead generation software, there are many more benefits to be enjoyed. With the cost of adopting the technology remaining low, consider requesting a demo to see how your business could benefit today.