5 Ways A Marketing Recruiter Will Find A Star Employee

Marketing recruiters are a vital part of a company, quickly finding the most qualified workers for those vacant positions in your company. Searching for talented people that can bring more than just core competencies to your workplace is a full time job in itself. This is why companies have a team of marketing recruiters that are constantly combing through resumes, reaching out to people for interviews, and promoting the company to potential candidates. Recruiters have different tactics and methods that entice people towards your company. Here are a few characteristics that every good recruiter has that will get you the employee you want.

1. They wear different hats

A marketing recruiter takes on multiple jobs in their career, knowing at least the basics in many jobs before searching for potential candidates to fill these roles. So with an agent who has a diverse knowledge of different fields, your company can much more easily track down a suitable employee for the position. As well, they have a well-rounded understanding of different marketing strategies to promote the brand and attract more competent employees to your business.

Likewise, candidates searching for work can connect to a marketing recruiter and stand a better chance at finding a job that tailors to what they are looking for. It’s not just enough to know about the job being offered, but recruiters also need a great understanding of the company and the brand they are promoting.

2. They’re always up to date with the industries

With this knowledge of multiple jobs comes the knowledge of different kinds of industries. To be able to link career prospects to a worker’s current skill kit, a marketing recruiter needs to know what recent developments are happening in that industry.

Not only are recruiters up-to-date on various industries, but they also have a great grasp on digital solutions. Social media solutions are also essential to reaching out to the largest audience. LinkedIn is a start, but marketing recruiters are a lot more resourceful than just using the one site.

3. They can read people

It may sound obvious, but marketing recruiters are great people persons. If you’re running a company, you certainly want a sociable person to reach out to potential talent and present the best face forward for the company. Being able to read people is a marketing must and a recruiter who does it for a living is greatly beneficial for any company. In analyzing a potential employee, a recruiter can not only immediately pick out the primary skills that a person has, but additional hobbies and interests that could translate to additional skills that relate to the job.

4. They have excellent communication skills

Basic communication skills are a staple necessity for any worker in a marketing department, but marketing recruiters go that extra mile of being empathetic towards potential employees, effectively pitching jobs to different clients, and developing a rapport is crucial. This is how a recruiter can attract viable employees to your company and give a good first impression.

5. They are flexible

Marketing recruiters are amongst the most flexible people in the working world, constantly changing their schedules. Recruiters expect to take calls and answer e-mails during most hours of the day, understand that the working world is very competitive and not take rejections personally, and have a positive outlook when developing relationships with people (even if it doesn’t go the way they want it). Having a marketing recruiter who is almost constantly on-call can keep great employees from slipping through the cracks in your company.