6 General Advice for Creating a Business Mascot

Mascots are generally iconic figures that represent a brand, and they can greatly increase brand recognition with customers. Companies, teams, and organizations hire individuals to wear mascot costumes in order to create an active presence that personifies the mascot at events.

There are many reasons why investing in a mascot costume or multiple mascot costumes can be beneficial, and it is a great idea for groups that are searching for ways to increase awareness and recognition of their brand.

1. Create excitement

Mascots are a fun and silly way to get people excited about pretty much anything. They can do silly things to make people laugh or smile, or interact with an audience or group of people by dancing, giving hugs and high fives, or taking pictures with people. Children often like to interact with mascots as well, which not only introduces the children to the brand, but also makes their parents and guardians aware of it as well.

Whether it is to drum up team spirit at a sports match, or to drum up business at a store or an event, mascots introduce an energy that cannot truly be achieved or reproduced in any other way.

2. Share your values

Mascots can also help share or introduce the values of a company to its current and potential customers. If the mascot represents positive characteristics like kindness, generosity, and fun, people will associate those attitudes to the company or organization the mascot represents.

People are more likely to actively support brands or groups whose values match their own, and mascots can really add to the positive association needed to make that happen.

3. Get noticed

Mascot costumes purposely create a big persona. They are big, often fluffy, cumbersome costumes with big heads, big eyes, and other large and exaggerated features, which ensures they get noticed from a distance. Especially in crowded events or areas, it’s likely that a mascot will be noticed, which means that no matter the venue, mascots are still able to drum up business, improve people’s moods, and increase awareness of a brand.

4. Be different

Mascot costumes are custom made so that an organization can introduce and represent their brand as they please. Mascot costume makers know the best methods for making effective mascot costumes, and are able to help their clients choose features that will make their mascots stand out exceptionally well. Even though many companies have mascots, each one is unique, means that every mascot introduces a level of individuality to the company it represents.

5. Fun for everyone


A wonderful benefit of mascots is that they provide advertising for the company, and fun for the crowd, and do not target or specific demographic. While children tend to be more taken in by mascots – believing they are real, and wanting a higher level of interaction with them – adults too can usually find the fun in high fiving a mascot or will at least get a smile on their faces if one interacts with them or their family.

6. A worthy investment

Purchasing a mascot costume is a one-time investment that will last for many years. The only time any further investment would be required would be for repairs or, ultimately, for purchasing a new costume. For the price of the costume, not only does the organization receive the costume, but they also receive countless hours of cheap advertising, irreplaceable brand recognition, and incomparable positive brand association.

Mascot costumes provide numerous positive benefits to a brand, and do not offer space for very many negatives. Organizations simply need to ensure that the individuals representing their brand compose themselves in a suitable manner.