6 Popular Employment Processes Used By Recruiters

Finding a good sales person takes time and effort. Selling is a science; the skills to become an effective seller take time and a commitment to building a solid career.

For employers, finding the right person to join their team can be a time consuming, costly venture. While people might look good on paper, it does not mean they are a good fit for the job or the industry. Recruiting agencies can help you find the right person for your sales job. Here’s why you should use a job development company to find new employees.

1. Pool of Qualified Candidates

Recruiters already have an established pool of qualified candidates. When companies post a job, random applicants apply for the position. As the hiring staff, you must then go through the stack of resumes to find people that you feel have the best qualifications and experience. As a job placement agency, we have already created a list of candidates that includes their experience, history, and industry preference. You don’t have to waste your time or resources sifting through the paperwork because we have already reviewed their qualifications.

2. Better Screening Process

Screening new applicants is time consuming for many company hiring managers.  Screening people is the primary focus of an employment bank so we have the time and resources to thoroughly screen all our candidates. Our comprehensive assessment tools will determine who has experience working in your industry and send the best candidates to your office.

3. Reference and Security Checks

Reference and security checks are a necessary and valuable part of any job. The staff you hire must be upstanding, professional, and trustworthy. While many companies have their own system to verify a potential employees’ credentials, it’s another time consuming and expensive process.

Job banks do a thorough and complete investigation on all their skilled job seekers. We want to ensure we are sending trustworthy, upstanding potential employees to our job seekers. We use a variety of assessment tools to investigate and confirm a person’s background.

4. Looking for Personal Qualities

While experience and qualifications are important, so are the candidate’s personal traits. A person’s personality and attitude should compliment and suit the company atmosphere and values. As recruiting agents, we spend more time getting to know each candidate. By learning more about the person, we can better match their personal attributes to a company’s internal atmosphere.

5. Ongoing Training

Employment agents continually provide ongoing training opportunities to their labour force so they are better prepared to enter the job market. Analyzing and communication with employers and industry leaders helps determine the best and most appropriate courses to offer job wanting candidates. By training those potential employees on the selection list, employers are assured they are getting the best of the best in sales staff.

6. Cost-Effective Methods

Hiring new staff is one of the biggest expenses that many companies incur. Human resource hours, wages, training costs, reference and security check expenses, and other expenses add to the price of adding new recruits to your salesforce. Hiring the wrong person and higher turnover rates add to the cost. By going through an employee finding company, the toll of employing a new sales associate is significantly reduced.

Hiring new staff is an ongoing challenge for almost every company or industry. Sales representatives can be a very challenging position to fill because selling agents require specialized skills, experience, and personality traits. By utilizing the services of an employment agency, you will not only save a lot on time and  money, but you will get the best person for you job.