6 Tips On How We Can Collectively Break The Poverty Cycle

Poverty begets poverty. It is a vicious cycle, that has even world leaders scratching their heads. There is no easy way to solve this, since no one approach fits all. Christian Blind Mission tries to list some ways to help.

1. Quality Education

Education is imperative in acquiring the knowledge and training required to face the real world. Children from low-income families are often deprived of this education, often due to lack of funds or due to the lure of quick money elsewhere. It is essential to keep children in school so that they may benefit from teachers.

2. Accessible Health Care

The right to medicine and doctors is for everyone. However, astronomically high prices often make it difficult for many marginalized communities to access this basic fundamental right. A universal health care plan is thus, of the utmost importance. Apart from that, volunteer clinics and medics can also be set up.

3. Water and Sanitation

A large percentage of the world does not have clean water to drink. Sanitary and potable water is extremely important for a child’s development and growth. Building community pools, sanitation tanks, latrines etc. helps mitigate this crisis to a great deal. Innovations like the LifeStraw certainly help.

4. Food

Developing children need a huge number of calories for their bodies to grow properly. Unfortunately, the widespread malnutrition in toddlers and adolescents prove that it is not happening. Hunger leads to trying any means to get food and that begins another vicious cycle. Donation of food items, non-perishables are a god-send.

5. Economic Security

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A sense of security in terms of financial assets is very important to thrive. If you are sure that you won’t suddenly run out of resources the next day, you can plan for the future and invest in it. This sense of safety is incredibly important for prosperity.

6. Child Participation

By being a part of a community, by taking active roles in it, a child builds strong bonds that will serve them well in life. There are a lot of volunteer and outreach programs that can make this endeavor successful.