7 Different Ways You Can Use a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are essential lifesavers that should be conveniently placed in an area with a potential for a fire breakout. From kitchens, garages, offices, and in almost any establishment where a fire can break out, having fire blankets strategically placed can end up saving lives. This is because huge destructive fires start off as small fires that could easily have been put out using fire blankets.

To prevent small fires from snowballing into destructive infernos, use fire blankets to effectively put them out. There are various ways you can use a fire blanket in a fire emergency situation.

1. To Put Out Kitchen Fires

Small fires in the kitchen can be quickly put out using a fire blanket. It’s actually more effective in putting out small fires than a fire extinguisher. When there is a fire break out in your kitchen, first turn off the source of the fire. After this, stretch out the fire blanket to make it cover the area on fire before placing it over the burning appliance to smother the fire. You should not remove it from the fire until you are sure the fire has died out. In case it was not possible to switch off the heat source before using the fire blanket, switch it off as soon as it is safe to do so. If the fire refuses to die down, close the door, walk outside and call the fire brigade.

2. To Douse Someone on Fire

If a person is on fire (literally), a fire blanket can help douse the fire. Wrap it tightly around the person and have him or her roll (or roll them yourself) on the ground. As you roll the person, make sure your hands are safely covered in the blanket. Keep encouraging the person to roll on the ground until the fire has been extinguished. You should then call for emergency help immediately. Always remember that a quick response can save someone else’s life.

3. To Cover yourself Through a Burning Building

If you find yourself in a burning building, a fire blanket can save your life. Should you have to walk through a room that is on fire, wrap yourself or someone else with a fire blanket as you walk through the area on fire.

4. To Put Out a Barbeque Fire

If flare-ups erupt when you are barbequing, a fire blanket can help to put out the flare-ups quickly. It is actually more appropriate to use a fire blanket than a fire extinguisher. This is because the spray from a fire extinguisher takes time to come off, rendering your grill unusable for a while.

5. Put Out Fires in a Garage or Welding Workshop

A welding fire can be quickly put out by a fire blanket. In a garage, grease and oil can easily catch fire and spread rapidly. Such fires are difficult to put out with water since it only makes things worse. A fire blanket can, however, put out the fire fairly quickly and effectively.

6. Put Out Fires in Airplanes, Ships, or Cars

It can be a harrowing experience if a fire breaks out in an airplane. However, fire blankets can be used to quickly put out the fire to prevent it from spreading to areas where it can cause more damage. They can also be used in cars and ships to put out small fires before they can reach potentially dangerous areas. For instance, such fires should be quickly put out before they can reach the fuel tank.

7. Put Out Fires at the Workplace

To prevent small fires from igniting electrical equipment at the workplace and causing a disaster, all staff members should be trained in the effective handling of a fire blanket in case of a fire break out. The fire blankets should be strategically placed so that they can be easily accessible to the staff.