7 Facts You Might Not Know About Constructive Dismissal

Many employees are unaware of their rights when it comes to a dismissal. A dismissal is not only a devastating event for an employee to have to endure, but it is a highly illegal act on the part of the employer. Rather than suffer in silence, we’ve outlined all the reasons below that an employee should hire an attorney to handle constructive dismissal. Hiring an attorney can help to bring clarity to this traumatic moment in your life, while fighting to get you the retribution you deserve.

1. Intolerable Workplace

An intolerable workplace is not something that an employee should have to deal with. If you’ve left your job because of the work environment, you may be eligible to receive retribution. An intolerable work environment could be due to harassment, discrimination or safety concerns. These claims can be hard to prove and difficult to navigate which is why it is best to contact a lawyer. A professional lawyer will be able to review your claims, gather the necessary evidence and fight for your rights.

2. Forced Resignation

If you’ve been forced to resign from a position you would have otherwise stayed at; you should speak to a lawyer. An employer is not legally allowed to present you with a resignation offer or force you to accept it. Oftentimes a company will offer employee’s much less than they are legally entitled to. Rather than accept less than what you are owed, you should speak to an employment lawyer today.

3. Breach of Contract

If your employer has changed the terms of your working arrangement without your permission, and you have decided to leave the company because of it you should speak to a lawyer. An employer is not able to alter the contract without your consent as it is illegal. If this has happened to you, speak to a lawyer today to determine the best course of action.

4. Change of Pay

If an employer has changed the amount you are being paid, without your consent you should contact an employment lawyer today. An employer is not able to alter the pay you have agreed upon as it is bound by a contract. Prior to changing your payments your employer should speak with you regarding it, and have you sign a contract. Speak with an employment lawyer today to determine if your dismissal has been handled illegally.

5. Discrimination

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace and decided to leave the company because of it, you are entitled to retribution for your troubles. Employers should ensure that the workplace is free of discrimination and promote an environment free of it. Discrimination can be based on your age, sex, gender, religion, or ethnicity. An employee should never have to deal with discrimination in the workplace, and you should contact a lawyer to discuss your case today.

6. Illegal Practices

Your employer is never allowed to ask for you to be a participant in an illegal act. If you have been asked to act in a manner that is illegal and refused, you cannot be fired. If your employer is acting illegally you should contact a lawyer to discuss your options today.

7. Involved in Court Proceedings

If you have already filed complaints against your employer, it is illegal for them to fire you because of it. Workers have a right to file complaints as it is part of their workplace rights. Therefore, it is illegal for an employer to fire you out of retaliation.