7 Necessary Skills of a Great Security Testing Consultant

Security testing services are essential if you want to ensure the security of your enterprise systems, software, or web applications. But you first have to make sure you are working with a great security testing consultant. Here are 7 skills your consultant should possess.

1. A strong interest in information technologies

Security testing consultants should be interested in computers, and information technologies. They should know all about software safety, protection against computer viruses, and more. They should also be willing to keep learning about the latest security threats and methods of protection.

2. An ability to communicate clearly

Security testing consultants should have great communication skills as they need to collaborate with colleagues, to discuss with their clients, and to help present their services to potential clients. They should also be able to write detailed reports of their progress with each project they are working on.

3. An excellent part of a team

Security testing consultants are often a part of a team of other consultants and security experts, and teamwork is one of the many things they should be good at. When you hire a consulting firm, you are in fact hiring a team of people who should work together to meet your needs.

4. An ability to understand the mindset of attackers

Technology is always advancing, but so are the approaches to attacking and infiltrating systems. Security testing consultants need to be able to understand the mindset of eventual attackers to identify the vulnerabilities of your systems, and the different ways they could get attacked.

5. An ability to perform security tests

Understanding security threats is great, but security testing consultants also have to use a variety of tools and techniques to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, and to analyse their results.

6. The capacity to develop new tools

Security testing consultants should also be able to help develop new testing tools and techniques, and to help improve different tools and processes with their work reports and the results of their researches.

7. A dedication to customer service

Finally, security testing consultants need to be able to fully understand the needs of their clients, and to meet them with the right services and solutions. Keeping your data secure is of the highest importance for you, and your security testing consultant should be aware of this at all times.