7 Quick Facts About Magnesium Chloride Dust Control

Magnesium chloride is the ideal solution for road base stabilization and dust control. It has the potential to enhance safety, reduce costs and increase efficiency, especially when used to its full capacity.

Here are seven quick facts that you need to know about magnesium chloride dust control.

1. Magnesium Chloride Is Hygroscopic

The hygroscopic properties of magnesium chloride help to absorb moisture from the air and keep the road damp. In other words, magnesium chloride for dust control bonds perfectly with the moisture in dirt and dust on the road, thus keeping the ground moist. This helps keep dust and dirt under greater control. Smaller particles like clay and silt remain on the ground.

Furthermore, magnesium chloride dust control is highly effective when relative humidity is no less than 32 percent. Application rate is on average 1.08 kilograms per square metres. And after the surface is dry, it should be reapplied at 50 percent of the first rate. If applied correctly, it can keep the ground moist for at least 100 days. However, its efficiency depends on the surface type and the climate conditions.

2. It Increases Road Integrity

Since magnesium chloride dust control has high bonding characteristics, it makes dirt and gravel roads more compact. This process is done naturally. And, over time, the solution goes deeper into the surface of the road, thus increasing stabilization and reducing wear and road damage. More so, it eliminates the possibilities of runoff during precipitation to groundwater, waterways and nearby fields.

3. It’s Less Corrosive in Nature

Unlike calcium chloride, magnesium chloride dust control has been proven and tested to be less corrosive. It doesn’t cause damage to the surface of the road after prolonged exposure. Magnesium chloride keeps the road in perfect condition for smooth driving.

Moreover, this solution does not harm vehicles. Magnesium chloride is easily applied and provides a long-lasting result, resulting in smooth and non-slippery ground.

4. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other products on the market, magnesium production takes little mining or manufacturing effort. Magnesium comes in a raw liquid form produced from naturally occurring minerals. Once the solution has been left to settle, it becomes magnesium chloride. This solution is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to both animals and humans.

5. It Provides Lasting Results

Long before now, dust control companies have been looking for an ideal solution that would provide longer-lasting results. After testing several solutions, they discovered that magnesium chloride was well-suited to keeping the road surface damp, smooth and non-slippery. As a matter of fact, they discovered that it’s not only cost-effective but also highly dependable.

6. It’s Cost-Effective

Magnesium chloride dust control reduces the cost of operations significantly. Road workers don’t have to worry about regular watering, blading or gravel replacement. Furthermore, it provides great benefits to vehicle owners by reducing the levels of dirt and dust that clog filters and bearings. This, in turn, reduces the cost of maintenance.

Furthermore, it helps people save money on cleaning vehicles, vegetation, equipment, property and more. Not only that, it reduces the expense of vehicle windshield replacements by limiting the effects of gravel spray in busy areas.

7. It’s Applicable at Various Sites

Dust has the potential of reacting to anything around it, and it can cause fires or explosions. Furthermore, it can interrupt power and reduce production capabilities as well as affect workers’ health. For this reason, many companies are investing heavily in dust control solutions to maintain a safer environment.

Some of the sites and industries where magnesium chloride is commonly used include unpaved roads, parking lots, truck terminals, fairgrounds, and construction sites, as well as in the manufacturing, agriculture, cement, and paint industries.

Magnesium chloride dust control serves a wide range of purposes. A high-performance magnesium chloride dust control solution makes the road safe for drivers and increases driving visibility. Furthermore, it improves air quality for workers in construction and manufacturing sites. It’s a varied solution to many common dust challenges.