8 Important Lessons About Water Safety

We drink and use water every single day, and we tend to take clean water for granted. But how often do we think about the water treatment systems that make it possible for us all to have access to safe and clean water? Here are 8 of the reasons why water treatment systems are so important.

1. Water is life

Water is necessary for all of us human beings, but also for all living organisms. Without water, we would die. Unfortunately, the water found in our rivers, our lakes, our reservoirs and our underground supplies is not as pure as it should be. This is why we need to clean it, so we can drink it and stay healthy.

2. Animals poop in lakes and rivers

The poop of animals, as well as our own poop, often ends up in water supplies. This is the reason why parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium can be found in our lakes, rivers and water reservoirs. These nasty parasites can cause cramps and diarrhea, and we need to get rid of them with iodine and chlorine.

3. Bacteria can cause diarrhea

Bacteria such as E. Coli are also hiding in our water supplies, and can cause diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain. The sources of those bacteria are poop, decaying animal corpses, and rotting vegetation. Fortunately, water treatment systems are designed to kill bacteria.

4. Viruses can make us sick

Our water supplies are also contaminated with many viruses which can make us sick. To avoid fever, joint pain, cramps and vomiting, it’s important to destroy these viruses with proper water treatment systems.

5. Untreated water can cause illnesses that will kill people

In countries where there are no proper water treatment systems and no access to clean drinking water, many people suffer from dysentery, cholera and typhoid. Unfortunately, these illnesses are killing millions of people every year.

6. Pollution is everywhere

Pollution is everywhere, and it inevitably ends up contaminating our water supplies. Gas, oil, and domestic waste such as detergents, bleach, soap and cooking oil make our water unsafe to drink, and it has to go through water treatment systems so it can be clean again.

7. Industrial waste contains toxic chemicals

Industrial waste is often discharged into our rivers, voluntarily or involuntarily. Toxic chemicals can kill animals and plants, and it isn’t safe for humans to drink either. It’s important to use water treatment systems that can safely remove chemicals from our water before we drink it and use it in our homes.

8. The agricultural industry uses pesticides and herbicides

Industries are releasing nasty chemicals in our water, but agricultural waste also ends up in our water. Pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers can poison and kill everything that lives in our rivers and lakes, and they are also not safe for us to drink. For all of these reasons, water treatment systems are essential to our health and also to the health of our beautiful planet.