Books That Barack Obama Thinks That Everyone Should Read

Barack Obama loves books. In his book “Dreams from My Father”, he said that when he didn’t worked on weekends, his company were beautiful books that he loved to read. Recently, Obama discussed with Michiko Kakutani about literature.

These are some of his favorite books:

1. The Naked And The Dead

This book is written by Norman Mailer. It is a story about soldiers that fight on the Anopopei Island.  The story is centralized in 1948 year.

2. One Hundred Years Of Solitude

This book is written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is a brilliant book with a story about a family and conflict between the desire for loneliness and the need for love. With this book we see a completely new type of book known as “magic realism”.

3. The Golden Notebook

This book is written by Doris Lessing. She is a winner of Nobel Prize. This book has four stories. The first one is about her experience in Africa since the early stages of her life. The second is about her politic life, the third is about her personal experiences and the fourth is about her personal diary. All of them complete The Golden Notebook.

4. The Underground Railroad

This book is written by Colson Whitehead and it is about slavery, about Kora who lives on a plantation in Georgia.

5. Song Of Solomon

This book is written by Toni Morrison and it is a winner of Nobel Prize.  It is a dynamic, brilliant novel that is similar to those novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

6. A Bend In The River

A wonderful book written by V.S. Naipaul. It is a deep story about a life of a man – Indian that lives in an isolated city.

7. The Woman Warrior

Author of this book is Maxine Hong Kingston. The story is about an American woman with Chinese ancestry that talks about Chinese myths, family stories and stories from her childhood in California.

8. The Three-Body Problem

This book is written by Cixin Liu. It is about Chinese culture and secret military project created for contact with aliens.