Early Learning May Cause Long-Term Damage In Children

Kids who began reading from 5 years will read worse than children who mastered reading later.

Little girl reading pile of books. Isolated.

Numerous studies have shown that early learning material leads to demotion, especially in terms of social and emotional development, say experts.

What could be the reason for such consequences of early learning? Experts believe that the emphasis on success and progress remains negative consequences of children who try to learn more from the early years. Unlike them, children who play more learn to get along with others, plan their activities, to overcome differences and be more responsive.

Experience gained with playing is changing neuronal connections in the front part of the brain. These changes are necessary in order the control center of executive functions to mature. That is the center that regulates emotions, plans and solves problems.

Children Younger than 7-8 years are used of active research. These children of preschool age, get their desire of exploration killed because of the classical study. Also the pressure from the parents plays a huge role in the study of children.

Parents should not make any pressure on their children, especially when they are below 5 years of age. One study from Germany showed that children who read from 5 years of age have more problems later in the education, that the other children.