Is Cheating On Exams Good Or Bad?

Cheating on exams is forbidden, unless you don’t get caught. But, is cheating on exams that bad? Fact is that educational system is bad in almost every country. Children learn basic things in many subjects and they literally become robots. Most of them end up working something they are not educated for. So the main question is: Will children be unsuccessful if they cheat on exams?

The answer is of course no. Cheating on exams can only make them more experienced and develop their brain. Children aren’t robots and not everybody is destined to be mathematician, scientist, historian or biologist. Some of them are gifted to be athletes, painters, chemist, physicist, writers and much more professions. Everything would be right if the child learns about what it loves to be and if the child occupies with what he wants to become, in order to be happy in future and work what he thinks is best for him. Because of that, most of the subjects are not important to everybody. So, as far as children and teenagers are cheating on subjects they don’t need in future for their “dream” profession is okay, but if they are cheating on every exam and never study then, we have a problem.

Remember, that children aren’t gifted for everything and they can’t be pushed to work something they don’t want to. They are not robots. Because of our educational system there is nothing wrong if they decide to cheat on certain subjects and don’t get caught. They will still be successful.