“The Greatest Hope Of Every Country Lies In Better Education Of The Youth.”

We made you a list of the best quotes of teachers and their students:

“The coming 50 years won’t be about what car you drive, what house you live, how much money you have in the bank or what clothes you wear. But, the world will be at least a little better if you play an important role in a child’s life.” – Unknown

“If a man behaves like something he wants to be and can be, he will become what he needs to be.” – Goethe

“I am just one of many people. But I am only one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. Because I can’t do everything, I won’t refuse to do what I can.” – Edward Evert

“Knowledge is not knowing that you know, but to give that knowledge to others.” – Unknown

“The soul recovers when it is with children.” – Dostoevsky

“The teacher doesn’t teach what he wants, the teacher doesn’t teach what he knows, the teacher teaches what it is.” – Unknown

“Talk to the boy as if he was an adult, you won’t make a mistake.” – Matosec

“No one who got beaten because of lies, has learned to love truth.” – Goethe

“The greatest hope of every country lies in better education of the youth.” – Erasmus

“The best teachers are also the ones that require the most: they require the students to think.” – Glaser

“Anyone can get angry – that is easy. But get angry with the right person, to the extent appropriate, at the right time for the real reason, the real way – is not easy. ” – Aristotle