Tumi: 6 Lessons to Learn About the Fashion Brand

Tumi is a manufacturer and distributor primarily of bags like backpacks, luggage, and briefcases. The company is based out of New Jersey, and was founded in 1975. The word Tumi comes from the word for a Peruvian artifact, an axe or a knife that was used in sacrificial ceremonies.

Tumi’s products are meant to provide interesting and functional items for travellers. Whether those travellers are professional commuters or backpackers exploring the world, Tumi’s offerings include a wide variety of products for everybody and anybody.

1. What does Tumi offer?

Tumi’s primary market is baggage. They offer a wide variety of bags that go through a range of styles for a range of purposes and appeal to both men and women.

Although Tumi is most known for its offerings in luggage and baggage, they also have a wide variety of other products including accessories like belts and wallets, and jackets – everything from professional blazer to warm, puffy, winter jackets. Tumi also sells tech accessories like iPhone and iPad covers, and some electronic accessories like luggage scales, speakers, and portable batteries.

2. Functional and stylish

Tumi’s offerings are both functional and stylish. For instance, some of Tumi’s handbags or purses fit a laptop and come fully equipped with all sorts of pockets to keep work and personal items organized. These handbags are also stylish and classy, so function does not forfeit style, as many know is often the case.

3. Where can you get Tumi products?

Tumi has over 300 stores or shop in shops worldwide. Their products can also be purchased directly from their website. But if there is no Tumi store nearby and you’re looking to browse, Tumi distributes its products to a number of stores internationally who carry Tumi briefcases and products. These stores include leather goods stores, luggage stores, and department stores.

Any of the stores that Tumi distributes to will also showcase their Tumi offering online, if they have an online shopping page set up, where consumers could go to purchase Tumi products.

4. What are some cool features of Tumi products?

Tumi is known for being a pretty tech-forward company.

Here’s a feature you may have wished you had before: every Tumi bag comes with a metal registration number tag called the Tumi Tracer. The information associated with that number can be personalized and tracked, if the user chooses, so that in the event that their bag is ever lost or stolen, the owner can track it down and hopefully become reunited with his or her belongings.

5. Fully packed perfection

Tumi has also perfected the concept of offering fully packable items. One such item is a line of backpacks that fold completely flat in case you come back from your trip with a few too many extras. This one takes up next to no space, so it’s not a problem to take one along just in case.

Another fully packable item that Tumi has developed is a warm winter jacket that packs ultra tiny to take up as little space as possible, and it can convert into a travel pillow for long trips.

6. What are Tumi’s initiatives?

Tumi focuses on taking measures to offer environmentally friendly and cruelty free products to their customers. All of Tumi’s down-filled jackets follow the Responsible Down Standard. This ensures that the geese and ducks are not mistreated for their down.

Tumi has also made it a priority to learn about the ways its processes affect the environment, and has changed certain materials used in Tumi products to lessen the negative impact they have on the environment. They have also taken steps to ensure materials used in their products, like aluminum, are properly recycled.